Metaprograms and the LAB Profile®

28. January, 2022

or: How to make Metaprograms a tool

by Andreas Plienegger

Meta Programs, originally developed by Leslie Cameron-Bandler (now Lebeau), describe what information a person takes in or gives out. Are they filtering for information, place, person, thing or activity? Do they notice sameness, similarities or contrasts? And many, many more filters.

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When I learned about metaprograms during my NLP education, being a management consultant and trainer I was immediately fascinated by this concept and the oportunities for communication and behavior it potentially offered.

However, I soon had to realize that it was difficult to actually apply this great concept in practice. The culprits were the huge number of 60 metaprograms, the inefficient way of identifying them, and the lack of guidance on how to really apply them in specific situations.

I also couldn’t quite get my head around the message that some programs were better than others.

So I started looking for practical applications of the Metaprograms, and my trainer advised me to look into Rodger Bailey’s and Shelle Rose Charvet’s LAB Profile® (Language & Bahavior Profile), which – according to him – was just such a practical application of the metaprograms.

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When I read Shelle Rose Charvet’s book “Words that Change Minds“, I was immediately struck by this practical and at the same time well-founded method, which had eradicated the main weaknesses of the Metaprograms. Namely, it offers:

  1. A manageable number of context-specific behavior and motivation patterns which clearly show their impact on motivation and behavior.
  2. A well-defined method for identifying these patterns in a safe and even concealed way.
  3. Clear instructions on how to effectively communicate “with these patterns” to boost your persuasivness in every conversation.

So what are the differences between the NLP metaprograms and the behavior patterns of the LAB Profile® (according to Shelle Rose Charvet):

NLP MetaprogramsLAB Profile®Benefit
60 metaprograms14 easy-to understand behavior and motivation patterns (focused on the essentials)Very easy to learn => in relatively short time
No structured method for program identificationStructured method and questionnaire for identification of behavior and motivation patterns incl. exclusion of socially desirable/tactical answersEasy to apply in research with groups as well as in one-on-one interviews
No specific languageLanguage structures and library precisely aligned to the respective behavior and motivation patternsMassive increase in the impact of one’s own language and persuasiveness
No practical application modelsReady-made application models for communication, coaching, sales, change communication, recruiting, leadership     Immense potential for companies as well as for individuals and trainers in particular
No further developmentContinuous and systematic further development of both the behavior and motivation patterns as well as application modelsAlways state-of-the-art application- as well as science-wise

All in all, this makes LAB Profile® an extremely interesting application, especially for companies that want to advance their people in communication and persuasion skills. And this is exactly what makes the LAB Profile® interesting for us being trainers as a tool for this market.

Personally I have not only made the LAB Profile® my standard methodology in the field of communication (my clients love it!). I have also worked closely with Shelle Rose Charvet in business since 2016 and we have done quite a few exciting projects together. I am also active in model development (especially change communication, leadership and sales).

You want to learn more about the Lab Profile®? Click here!

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