LAB Profile® - the best tool for effective, professional conversations

Does this situation ring a bell? You’re trying to convince your counterpart, playing the old game: proof and evidence to the contrary, argument and counterargument. And at one point, your counterpart makes a decision one way or the other.

It’s far more efficient – and effective! – to work with underlying, subconscious motivation triggers. They are directly connected to emotion and are thus a lot harder to refute than facts alone.

The LAB Profile® helps you identify and use appropriate triggers in any context. It’s an easy-to-learn system that adds permanent, significant impact to the way you communicate with clients and employees.

The LAB Profile®: identifying people's behaviour patterns

The LAB Profile® (Language & Behaviour Profile®) is based on the fact that every person has the same basic set of behavioural and motivational patterns.

However, in every situation, we employ our own individual mix of these patterns.  Mostly subconscious, the combination is determined by conditioning and past experience. We act differently in different contexts; still, within the same context, we always act the same way.

Our entire communication is shaped by our patterns. And the language we use in a given context shows what underlying motivation patterns are at currently at play.

The LAB Profile® offers you an exact method to identify behaviour and motivation through those very language patterns:

LAB Profile®: influencing people's behaviour

The LAB Profile® allows us to decode underlying patterns in specific contexts. As soon as we have decoded our counterpart’s motivation patterns, we can then adapt our language specifically to address and activate their triggers.


This so-called “Effective Language” amplifies our words’ power significantly! We are able to reach people on an emotional level and can so effectively influence their behaviour.

The Power of Words:

Are you looking to increase your success with clients and employees? Our LAB Profile® training will teach you how – and give you an excellent array of tools for your day-to-day.

What is the LAB Profile®:

The LAB Profile® was developed in Canada over a 10-year-period. It’s built on research by highly regarded scientists Noam Chomsky (linguistics) and Leslie Cameron (psychology and behavioural sciences).

The LAB Profile® was specifically designed for targeted communication and results-based conversations in business. Main areas of application are sales, leadership and recruiting.

The LAB Profile® works with identifying and addressing subconscious motivation triggers and information processing patterns. As such, it offers help on three levels:

The LAB Profile works with a total of 14 motivation and behaviour patterns:


What is important to my counterpart in this particular context? How do I identify and utilize this person’s individual quality criteria and motivators?

What compels my counterpart to act? Can I motivate them by pointing out goals? Or do I need to highlight how I can help them get away from a problem?

Can I compel my counterpart to move on by offering alternatives and flexible options? Or do they prefer established procedures?

Does my client insist on making up their own mind on offers and proposals? Or do they need suggestions, outside references, certificates, etc. before they can make a decision?

How do people react to change? Are they motivated by the search for something new or a better “same”? How do I phrase my arguments accordingly?

Will my counterpart take the initiative or do I need to prompt them into action?

Information processing and working style:

How extensive and detailed do I need to be when presenting my arguments? And how do I structure information in a way my counterpart can best absorb and process?

Is my counterpart rather results-oriented or do they rather focus on their actions’ impact on other people and relationships?

Willmy counterpart respond to and display non-verbal behaviour or not? How do I have to adapt my communication and behaviour?

Which work environment stimulates peoples’ productivity the most? Do they prefer to work alone, together with others or do they like to share responsibility altogether?

How do I find out how people react to stress in a professional environment?

Which codes of conduct do people apply to themselves and to others? How does that impact their work as well as their work environment?

What type of information does a person need in order to start the process of being convinced?

How does my counterpart come to a decision based on the information they have? How can I best support them in this internal decision-making process?

Based on your requirements and goals, we will custom-design the ideal training for you. Participants will learn about – and practice! – behaviour and language patterns as well as relevant techniques and tools.