Digital Direct Sales in B2B

More Customers, more Sales and more Orders in Less Time

The current situation with COVID-19 has forced salespeople to work from their home office. On-site customer visits are only possible to a limited extent. And it will stay like that!

Maybe you too have already asked yourself:

If just noncommittally caring of existing customers on the phone is not enough for you, the only option is to have sales calls with your customers online – i.e. via Skype, Zoom or other platforms.

Unfortunately, many salespeople still have strong reservations about going digital:

Video conferencing has now become a standard way of working in all companies. It is now up to you to use this technology in your sales team as well.

Even if you can’t yet imagine that online selling works, many companies are already selling online in the B2B sector. And very successfully at that.

The question, therefore, is rather this: where are your customers buying today? If you don’t have an online presence, then your competitors will make the sales.

The questions you should  ask yourself are:

One thing is certain: online selling is a different process compared to on-site selling. But if you do it right, online sales gives you lots of potential to make your dirct sales efforts more efficient and successful.

Bottom line this means:

Are you ready for a new era of B2B sales and new customer acquisition?

In our taylormade “Digital Sales in B2B” training, we ramp up your sales force by setting up new (digital) sales processes.

For this, we train your salespeople along the entire sales process – from digital lead acquisition to online presentations and negotiating and closing deals online.

Training content:

How we work:

  1. Briefing session to define training objectives
  2. Training design (set-up, content, duration, exercises) taylored to your company needs
  3. Crafting the training materials (slide decks, handouts, instructions)
  4. The Training is delivered in highly interactive online coaching sessions for small groups. This allows intensive practice and individual coaching and thus optimizes training success.

Standard training duration: 2 to 3 days* (in blocks of 4 hours each)

Recommended number of participants: 6 to 8 participants

* Training duration may vary, depending on the content and scope of the training.

Your benefits: