Effective leadership communication with the LAB Profile®

Managers today are facing bigger and bigger challenges. On the one hand, there is less time to actually develop and manage staff. On the other, employees are more and more heterogeneous in their values.

Not being able to reach your employees has a direct, negative effect on productivity.

We’re sure you have been through several management training courses. So why do conventional trainings not deliver the desired success?

Easy: They teach you WHAT you have to communicate, but not HOW to actually do it!

Managers need to understand what drives individual employee behaviour – consciously and subconsciously. The best way to do so is via language and motivation patterns.

People not only use particular words to express their subconscious drivers, they also need to hear particular words from you. By using trigger words to address underlying motivation triggers in their employees, you can activate those very triggers. Consequently, you reach your staff on both a factual and an emotional level – and so induce the desired behaviour.

The LAB Profile® allows you to fulfil your management and coaching, change management and personnel development duties more easily, efficiently and with a lot less stress.

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Risk-potential-analysis and conflict management for executives

Managing and leading teams

Role modeling in recruiting and personnel development

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