Sales-optimized conversations with the LAB Profile®

Do you ever have the feeling there’s more money to be made? Even though your sales staff has been through numerous trainings? Client typology, objection handling, closing techniques, etc. – why didn’t those bring you the desired result?

Easy: One-size-fits-all sales methods do not work. Every person is different, acts differently, has different needs. Sales reps need to pinpoint their counterpart’s individual, personal triggers. Only then can they match their behaviour to the client’s for a more effectual approach.

The best way to do so is via language patterns; language patterns reveal underlying drivers and triggers. By then matching your own patterns to the client, you will affect both their motivation and their emotion. And eventually influence client behaviour in a positive way.

The LAB Profile® enriches existing sales processes and techniques, every step of the way. Rather than transforming your sales reps into one-size-fits-all automatons, it boosts their arguments and tools. Your sales reps stay authentic!

Content “Sales-optimized conversations with the LAB Profile®”:

The 8 essential sales topics:

Your benefits:


  • More sales within a shorter period of time
  • Less idling
  • Capacity increase, for example for customer aquisition
  • More sales success!

Project layout:

Recommended training duration: 2 to 4 days*

Recommended number of participants: 8 to 12

* Duration can vary based on training content and training volume