Trainer Profile Regina Simon



Professional profile

Regina is an expert in target and results-oriented sales communication and coaching. She has 20+ years of experience in banking and real estate as well as extensive experience in adult education.

Her practical knowledge of the higher education sector makes Regina Simon a specialist in effective teaching and training concepts.

Plienegger & Partner

Being Consulting Partner and procurator at Plienegger & Partner, Regina offers consultations and trainings in the following areas:

Regina Simon as scientist

Regina Simon also works at the University of Applied Sciences, Wiener Neustadt (Real Estate Management). Her research and teaching activities focus on real estate consultation and sales as well as on developing scientific concepts and teaching concepts.

LAB Profile®

Regina played a key role in the development of our stp –  LAB Profile® Digital Learning Platform for sales-optimized communication and leadership training. She is responsible for the development and creation of all training concepts and documents.

The platform has been created together with the global LAB Profile® licence owner Success Strategies in Ontario, Canada.