Digital Learning Business Case

How does your business case look like from a customer perspective? How will you benefit from our digital concept compared to classical onsite training – in terms of money?

Business Case 1: cost savings

Pure onsite training forces you to take your sales reps off the street for training. Let´s do a simple example:

All this results in the following costs for pure onsite training:

Sum total
8 x € 2.400,-
€ 19.200,-
Logistics Costs
30 people x 4 days x € 100,-
€ 12.000,-
Lost Revenue
30 people x 4 days x € 2.222,-
€ 266.640,-
Total Costs
€ 297.840,-

Compared with the cost for our Blended Learning Concept (2 days online, 2 days onsite):

Sum total
4 x € 2.400,- (2 days each for 2 groups)
€ 9.600,-
Logistics Costs
30 people x 2 days x € 100,-
€ 6.000,-
Online course fees
30 people x € 400,-
€ 12.000,-
Lost Revenue
30 people x 2 days x € 2.222,-
€ 133.320,-
Total Cost
€ 297.840,-
Cost Savings
By applying our digital concept
€ 136.920,-

And by the way: even if you don’t calculate lost revenue, you still save € 3.600,-.

If you then take into account all the other benefits of digital learning, there’s nothing left that should keep you from chosing our concept.

Don’t hesitate to call us anytime. We will together with you set up your digital learning program specifically designed to your needs.

Business Case 2: quicker Onboarding of new hires

In todays fast moving world it is vital to make new hires productive as fast as possible.

A key success factor in sales is the onboarding time: this is the time span between the first working day of the new employee and the day when he reaches average team productivity. In a world of increasingly complex products onboarding times of up to nine months are absolutely common. This comes from complex logistics in educating new hires – seminars, trainings, tests etc.

Shortening this time massively adds to company success. Digitalizing sales education is key to doing that. Let´s look at an example for some fictitious sales rep:

Our basic assumptions:

Basic onboarding time: 9 months

Onboarding Time after digitalization: 7 months

Monthly target revenue: € 500.000,-

* Average projects show higher potential, but let´s be conservative.

For simplicity reasons we assume that we have a linear revenue increase throughout the entire onboarding time.

Now what´s your benefit per new hire in sales? We can easily calculate that by comparing the total sales volume throughout the first 9 months (the basic onboarding time). When onboarding is completed sales volume will be the same in both cases.

Revenue for basic onboarding time (9 months):

9 months x € 25.000,- (avarage monthly sales volume for linear revenue increase):
€ 225.000,-

Revenue for new onboarding time (7 months):

7 months x € 25.000,- avarage monthly sales volume for linear revenue increase):
€ 175.000,-
2 months x € 50.000,- (starting with month #8 the sales rep is fully productive):
€ 100.000,-
Total sales for 9 months
€ 275.000,-

You achieve additional revenue of € 50.000,- per new hire in sales!

Now do the maths for your company. You just need to fill in the following data:

There’s a huge potential for additional revenue and profit, isn’t it? And we can help you really generate this additional profit.

Just give us a call! We will together with you set up your new digital onboarding system, increasing your revenue and profit.