In an increasingly dynamic environment with highly individual requirements, it often makes sense to coach and develop executives in an individual and focused manner.

In our coaching programs, we offer your executives intensive individual coaching with the aim to sustainably increase their performance and efficiency. Thus we develop and teach your executives concrete and effective tools and strategies with which they can become even more successful in their jobs.

Individual coaching ensures that we will help your executives further develop their individual strengths and potential for improvement and perfectly supported them. This maximizes the effectiveness of our coaching measures and the learning effects for your executives.

The core contents of our coaching sessions are:

  1. Time and Goal Management
  2. Persuasion in Leadership and Coaching
  3. Powerful Argumentation and Presentations
  4. Team Motivation and Leadership
  5. Change Communication
  6. Dealing with Conflicts
  7. Develop solutions to concrete leadership tasks and problems

How we work:

Through a precisely planned and structured coaching process, we achieve optimal results for you and your managers.

Our coaching programs proceed as follows:

  1. Defining goals of the coaching program
  2. Defining KPIs (how do we measure success)
  3. Designing the program (contents) and definition of the scope
  4. Defining focus areas with the coachee
  5. Coaching sessions
  6. Checking results

The coaching sessions take place in units of approx. 2 hours each. This ensures that

This way we develop highly relevant content to create standard tools for your executives. We will then lay down these results in written protocols and highly structured guidelines so our coachees can immediately apply these tools in their daily work.


As a result of the coaching sessions, your executives will be able to manage their people management tasks more confidently and successfully, which will lead to significantly higher levels of success, less stress, and higher levels of job satisfaction for both themselves and their employees.

Adding to that, your managers will also be more confident and assertive dealing with internal and external stakeholders and will thus be able to even better support and achieve your corporate goals.