Mental Fitness

For Executives and Sales People

„Top-Performance in the perfect Speed Range“

Our program to fully exploit performance potentials & prevent burnout.

Workload and pressure on results for executives and other key players have increased exponentially in recent years. This high burden and – often – excessive demands cause stress.

Now stress is the number one factor to dramatically lower performance of affected employees.

The performance and health of employees can be seen as similar to that of an engine. Going at too low a speed will damage the motor as does going at too high a speed.

For this reason, we have developed our holistic program “TOP-PERFORMANCE IN THE PERFECT SPEED RANGE”. We support you in ensuring that your employees fully exploit their performance potential on the one hand, while remaining healthy and productive in the long term on the other.

The bottom line is that every employee is always working “in the right speed range” – i.e. on the one hand top-performing, but on the other hand not running the risk of “over-revving” and then falling into a burnout.

Top performance and long-term health - they can go together!

We have developed our program “TOP-PERFORMANCE IN THE PERFECT SPEED RANGE” together with a partner from the health sector. This program supports your employees and your company on the fine line between top performance and overload.

This way, you increase and secure the long-term success and job satisfaction of your employees and the overall success of your company.

The three program components

Our program is holistic and combines elements from the health and training fields.

Component 1: Determining the objective stress level by means of long-term HRV (Heart Rate Variability measurement).

Being an executive with leadership responsibility, you have probably already asked yourself the following questions:

Subjective stress assessments by employees done with questionnaires often deliver wrong results.

For this reason, we offer an objective measurement of your team members individual stress levels by means of heart variability measurement (HRV).

Your benefits:

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurement has proven itself in medicine as a reliable, objective indicator of the level of strain and stress.

What is it: Heart Rate Variability is the ability of the heart to flexibly vary the time interval from one heartbeat to the next. It thus indicates the ability to react and adapt quickly and flexibly to changing demands and strains.

There is a clear correlation between HRV and stress – the higher the stress, the lower the heart rate variability.

When measuring the load and stress level of your employees, we distinguish between

It is particularly interesting that you can also read the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system from the measurement result. These values are very important as they show the current ability to activate performance potentials as well as the ability to regenerate.

This activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems takes place outside of conscious control because they are part of the autonomic nervous system.

The graphical representation is done by the so-called spectogram (see figure), which is easy to read and understand for the employees themselves after a short training.

How does HRV measurement work?

We do a long-term heart rate variability measurement (24-hour HRV measurement) using a a portable mini ECG (chest strap).

During the measurement, people also keep an activity log our app.

Ideally, the measurement is done on a typical working day in order to identify individual stress triggers (stressors).

We offer you support in analyzing the data on an individual and company level based on the measurement results.

IMPORTANT: we offer you as a company aggregated and anonymized reports only. Individual results are treated strictly confidential; we discuss these indivudual results with the coachee only.

Component 1 elements:

  • A portable mini ECG device for every participant for a 1 year period.
  • App for reading the data including a self-analysis tool for every participant for a 1 year period
  • Teaching participants in how to read and interpret the app reports
  • Individual coaching to develop effective strategies for dealing with stress and stress recovery

Component 2: Simple exercises to effectively activate performance potentials and for regeneration.

Doing recurring HRV measurements, participants receive immediate automated feedback on their general and situation-specific stress levels.

Based on these individual results, we then recommend simple exercises to the participants to increase their performance potential (e.g. activation before negotiations) or to relax and recover.

We deliver videos explaining and showing all these exercises with our learning platform. Every participant to the program gets access toour learning platform. All exercises can easily be done in the office and take only 4 to 7 minutes each.

You can of course also book on-site training sessions.

The immediate effect of these short exercises can quickly be seen through the HRV measurements. On this basis, you can continuously optimize and measure your personal progress.

Component 2 elements:

  • Access to our online academy for 1 year
    • Learning videos and downloads for the of stress and performance topics
    • Videos with simple exercises to activate your performance potential (e.g. ideally done before negotiations and sales talks)
    • Videos with simple exercises for relaxation and regeneration (e.g. for the lunch break or in between)
  • On-site trainings to activate performance potential and learn relaxation exercises.

Component 3: Targeted training and coaching measures to eliminate situation-specific stress triggers.

Recurringly doing HRV measurements, people always have their individual, general stress level in mind. They also recognize the situations in which they are particularly stressed.

We will then analyze these situations in detail in an individual setting to develop targeted training and coaching measures.

Component 3 is particularly useful in sales and leadership:

Imagine that one of your salespeople has realized through HRV measurement that they get stressed whenever a customer starts price negotiations.

They flinche, tense up and would – subconsciously – like to run away. It is clear that they are no longer in control of the situation, but that the customer is taking the lead and pushing the price or not buying at all.

The bottom line is that he they are not unleashing their full sales potential.

Knowing that the question about the price triggers the high stress level, we can work on this subject with pinpoint accuracy in 1:1 coaching and solve it.

Almost every salesperson has a “sore” point that inhibits them from realizing their full potential. Across the whole sales organization, these unused potentials add up. For the company, this means that high sales potential falls by the wayside.

For this reason, we offer 1:1 coaching and group trainings to eliminate these individual stress triggers (stressors) of your salespeople. This way, we succeed in bringing all of your company’s salespeople to their full potential. And thus exploit the full sales potential of your organization.

Component 3 elements:

  • Group trainings
  • 1:1 coachings

We will be happy to deliver an offer for you based on the number of participants.