Results-driven conversations with the LAB Profile®

Does this sound familiar to you? You make your counterpart an excellent proposal; your counterpart, in fact, agrees that it is excellent. However, they still can’t seem to say yes.

What’s happening?

Every person has different behaviour and motivation patterns. These manifest in certain language patterns.

Customers not only use particular words to subcosciously express their behaviour and motivation. What’s more, they also need to hear particular words from you. Using the right trigger words and language patterns , you can activate your counterpart’s underlying motivation triggers.

Conventional communication trainings often only skim the surface of this phenomenon. Hence, their limited success.

Your job is to identify and to address client patterns. Add more power to your arguments!

“Results-driven conversations with the LAB Profile®” - Content

Your benefits:

Our training enables you to


You are successful!

How we work:

  1. Face-to-face briefing to define targets and framework
  2. Training design tailored  to your targets and participants
  3. Crfating custom scripts (co-branded if desired)
  4. Checklists and preparation documents for training exercises

Recommended duration: 2 to 3 days* (as one unit or as separate days)

Recommended number of participants: 8 to 12

* Training duration can vary depending on training content