Best OnlineSales TrainingPlatform 2023

9. January, 2024

Based in Austria, Plienegger & Partner is an award-winning international business consultancy offering
state-of-the-art methods to increase clients’ productivity and success in sales and leadership. Its
mission is to make a measurable contribution to an improved business result for its customers. With
client-centric and results-oriented values, Plienegger & Partner is an unrivalled player in its industry.

Plienegger & Partner consistently strive for innovation with fresh, engaging content and modern infrastructure. Its approach is built on advanced communications and behavioural science. Employee leadership training is based on the subconscious motivation triggers that drive a workforce. By adapting their speech patterns to each respective employee, managers can reach employees emotionally and control behaviour in a targeted way.

As a customer-centric organisation, Plienegger & Partner creates tailored consultation and training concepts specifically designed to meet clients’ needs. With individual, company, and situation-specific training design, managers can increase the success of their employees and businesses. Plienegger & Partner use HRV (heart rate variability) measurements to analyse employees’ objective stress levels. These results enable the organisation to offer tailored training and coaching to deliver successful solutions and optimise performance. The company aims to remain the best in its breed through continuous investment in methodological and technical development.

As a pacesetter in the sales and leadership consulting business, Plienegger & Partner is dedicated to continuous research and development and integrating new scientific findings into its processes. The company collaborates with renown universities, engaging in scientific research in the fields of psychology, communication, and behavioural science. Plienegger & Partner is committed to improving its digital services with a stateof-the-art learning platform.

Through its Online Academy, Plienegger & Partner works with clients to develop training programs tailored to the company’s requirements. Digital and blended learning can be used to accelerate a business’s onboarding process by offering learners the flexibility to access the course as often as required. In 2017, the consultancy began providing digitalised consulting and training products. Learning opportunities are provided through state-of-the-art didactic methods for digital learning. Digitalisation enables clients to maximise their measurable outcomes and be costeffective in their efforts. The company offers sales process optimisation and a sales playbook. Through a task-centred mapping of tasks, activities and tools, the sales playbook provides the optimal tools and necessary information required to efficiently handle every step in the sales project. Plienegger & Partner specialises in results-driven sales conversations and negotiations with the LAB Profile®. The LAB Profile® (Language and Behaviour Profile) outlines an exact methodology for recognising subconscious behaviour patterns and motivation triggers based on language patterns. Deciphering these patterns allows professionals to influence the behaviour and decision making of customers and employees by directly addressing their motivation triggers and information processing patterns.

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Driven by its core values of communication, negotiation, and process optimisation, Plienegger & Partner offers modular consulting and training services tailored to clients’ specific needs. With its effective conversation management course, managers can learn to increase productivity throughout their company. Clients will learn to identify employees’ behaviour and motivation patterns and use effective language to easily enforce instructions. Skills such as conflict management and benefit-oriented negotiation enable managers to improve communication and maintain control within their team. Training schedules are adapted to the manager’s employee structure, training goals, and framework conditions.

Over the coming year, Plienegger & Partner plans to add new toolsets and methods to its processes. The business will focus on integrating AI-based interactive learning into its digital and blended/hybrid training. Through its commitment to ongoing scientific research and improvements to its digital products, Plienegger & Partner remains the number one consulting company in the business. For its client-centric values and effective digital training, Plienegger & Partner has received this year’s award for Best Online Sales Training Platform.

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